About the Association

We want the experience of cycling to be experienced by as many people as possible. E  along the idea  In 2019  we established the Adventure Bike Sports Association, which  legal form  compresses  everything we do.  We have intentionally become an association since community building and  the experience  stretching motivates us.  That's why we want to  extend membership to everyone. To work, to shape the future of this initiative the way its members want it to.

Terms of membership

Membership does not entail any obligation other than the membership fee. You do not have to attend a
at our events or at association meetings, but if you feel like it, we welcome you to all of them.
If you don’t ride a bike, just support us, you can still take advantage of club membership and be able to
sponsoring member.

What does it contain
  the prize? Unwind and learn about the benefits!


What  does it include the benefits of club membership?


15-20% discount on Hungarian Divide and other larger ones

our event

from the price!

The club members  significant

you can buy discounted ticket prices for our annual events. In addition, in the year 2021, you will recognize this discount for three such events  use.


Free participation in the 2021 scheduled for 2021  campouton!

In 2021, we will continue our highly successful campouts, where together  discover  The most beautiful places in Hungary,  a communal dinner and one outdoors  spent the night in his company.


It is planned for the year 2021

Our T-shirt with "Camping bikers" design!

Each year is a unique and unadulterated BPH

we are preparing a gift for  to our club members, this  we will mail it to you after you become a member of the club.


A community you can have a say in and build on!


Possessed by club membership and as a member of the association  you will be invited to  to the general meetings of the association, where, in addition to expressing your opinion, you also have the right to vote.


Shared bikepacking specific bags and tools!


You need it during some adventures  can be borrowed for assets or accessories.
We can provide our club members with the following tools for a limited time
  for adventures:

  •   Bikepacking specific bags

  • Bikepacking specific GPSs

  • SPOT GPS Tracker (with SOS function and tracking)